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EntraPass is a robust suite of high performance software that allows customers to design and

operate any number of doors where card access is required ...

The software integrates advanced security features such as EntraPass Go mobile app and 

EntraPass Web platform that deliver remote and convenient access to ...

We have a Team of Engineers that travel to perform installations

If you would like to install the systytem youself

We provide extreemely detailed AutoCAD Schematics

# 1 Controlled Access with Photo-ID Badging and / or Biometric Fingerprint Scanners # 1

Controlled Access with EntraPASS Kits

Starting at $ 6,339.00

CatRax Waist High Turnstile with Acccess Kits

CatRax Plus Stainless TurnstileCatRax Clip Waist High ADA Gate

Starting at $ 6,023.00

Military Prison Turnstiles with Access Control

Tandem Prison-Grade Turnstile w/4 Card ReadersClick for Installation Manual

Starting at $ 14,291.00

Wireless Transmitter & Reciever

$ 3,150.00

# 2 Biometric Fingerprint Scanners # 2
Our Next Generation of Fingerprint Readers are built for a full range of indoor and extreme outdoor environments. The full featured devices unleash a combination of power, usability and intuitive design to address access control and time & attendance requirements of any size. The 4G FingerVein Station is a full featured device utilizing industry leading finger vein technology and is built on the L-1 4G multi-biometric platform. Finger vein technology uses near-infrared light to gather biometric data resulting in consistent and accurate processing, making the solution ideal for many types of applications. NEW Fingerprint authentication solutions for PIV and TWIC. The revolutionary products have been designed from the ground up to meet PIV and TWIC requirements utilizing our powerful 4G platform. Provide employees with high-speed access to your offices and restricted areas using L-1 3D face reader solutions. L-1 face readers authenticate users in under a second and are optimized for high-traffic areas.
# 3 EntraPASS Access Control Software
All pricing includes Remote Desktop Installation, Telephone Support and Complete AutoCAD Installation Documentation
# 3
Entrapass Special Edition
EntraPass Special Edition
EntraPass Corporate Edition
EntraPass Corporate Edition
EntraPass Global Edition
EntraPass Global Edition
EntraPass Video Edition
EntraPass Video Add-On
Oracle Technology Network

Card Database Interface

$ 2,975.00

$ 4,200.00

$ 5,250.00

$ 4,255.00
$ 5,687.00
Upgrade Pricing to Windows 10 Professional
Special Edition 3.00 to 6.01 Corporate Edition 3.00 to 6.01 Global Edition 3.00 to 6.01  Video Edition 3.00 to 6.01  Database Integration

Kantech Helm


$  2,950.00

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Database Access



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$ 4,800.00

# 4 e-Series EntraPASS Computer Systems
Fully Programmed with Windows 8 and EntraPASS
# 4
Click for Literature
Access Control Computer System with EntraPASS Special Edition Access Control Computer System with EntraPASS Corporate Edition Access Control Computer System with EntraPASS Global Edition EntraPASS Photo-ID Monitor
$ 3,939.00

$ 6,250.00
$ 7,900.00
$ 1,948.00
# 5 Ticket and Photo-ID Printers # 5

BarCode Ticket Stock

Prolong Your Investment's Life 

tags/tickets   average size

 2 x 5.5 w/perf for stub

Fanfold - White

ePASS Barcode Ticket Printer

ePASS Photo Id Complete System

HID Prox Cards

IsoProx Photo-ID Cards

$40.00 per 1000


$ 2,414.00 each

$ 3,192.00
$ 6.04 each
# 6 High-End & Highly Secure Holographic Overlaminate, Photo-ID Proximity Card Printer # 6
Holographic Overlay 
Holographic Overlay
250 per ribbon
Secure Photo-ID Prox Card Printer
DTC4500 Series

DTC4500 Secure Printer   DTC4500 Secure Printer
Single or Double Sided Color Ribbon 


500 per ribbon
$ 186.50
$ 6,699.00
$ 240.00
# 7 Extreemely Detailed Imaging - CCTV SystemsCan be used in a Court of Law # 7

Discover 700 Series$
$ 425.00

Illustra 600 PTZ
$ 917.00

16 Ch Analog, 4 IP, 6TB Storage
$ 5,880.00

Victor Site Manager/Client Software
$ 1,500.00




Remote Desktop Initial Setup and 1 Year Remote Desktop Support
#8 Model KT400-Kit
Card Access Kit for 2 Turnstiles - Read-In and Read-Out - or 4 Turnstiles Read-In only (Free Exit)
Turnstile Barcode ReaderTurnstile Barcode ReaderTurnstile Barcode ReaderTurnstile Barcode ReaderEntraPass Global Edition
$ 11,845.00

KT400 Access Control Kit includes

(1) KT-400 Card Access Controller w/Battery and Power Supply
(4) Barcode / Magstripe / Proximity Card Readers
(1) EntraPASS Global Edtion Software
Technical Statement

Ethernet Ready
128 Bit AED Encryption
100,000 Card Capacity in Stand Alone Mode
20,000 Concurrent Events in Stand Alone Mode
Control Occupancy Level within Defined Locations
See who is ON-SITE / OFF-SITE in Real Time
Time and Attendance Verification Reporting
8 Hour Battery Backup
# 9 Model KT300-Kit
Access Kit for 2-Way Electric Turnstile - Read-In and Read-Out
or 2 Turnstiles Read-In only (Free Exit)
# 9

Easy to set-up and install. Works with any Pentium grade ComputerHID Proximity ReaderHID Proximity ReaderEntrapass Special Edition

$ 3,198.00

KT-300 Access Control Kit Includes

(1) KT-300 Card Access Controller w/Battery and Power Supply
(2) Barcode / Magstripe / Proximity Card Readers

(1) EntraPASS Special Edition Software

Technical Statement


Out KT300 works in stand-alone mode
KT300/128 holds 8,000 cards and 5,000 events

KT300/512 holds 56,000 cards and 18,000 events
Both have an 8 Hour Battery Backup

# 10 EntraPass Single Door Kit $ 8,600
# 10

More Info >>>

KT-1 - Single Door Access Control Kit Includes

(1) KT-1 - Ethernet / RS-495 Card Access Controller
(One-Way Turnstile or Door Entry and Exit)

(2) IoProx Card Readers with Keypad
(Know who is in an area and out of an area)

(1) Entry Sentry - Tailgate Detection

(1) 1,200 holding force Mag-Loc

(1) Panic Bar with Door Hold-Open Monitoring
(1) Horn-Strobe Alarm

(1) Point-to-Point Schematic / (1) Wiring Kit / (*) All Power Supplier

Technical Statement


EntraPASS Version 6.0 and above
KT-1 holds 100,000 cards and 18,000 events



Unlimited amount of doors and cards

# 11 EntraPASS Computer including Video and Alarm # 11
EntraPASS Moblie App 
Mobile App Screen Shot
Upgrade to EntraPASS 5.02
EntraPASS Mobile App

$ 385.00
The Future of Access Control

Managed Access Control
We will Manage your Entire System for You
EntraPASS Web App 

EntraPASS WebStation License

$ 1,250.00
CCTV we can work with
ALL-IN ONE Hardware Platform, 3TB HDD, 32GB SSD, i3 Processor, Windows 7 embedded, 12VDC 80W external power supply. Pre-loaded with: EntraPass Corporate Edition & AD IP Video for up to 32 IP cameras. Includes 1 Year Remote Desktop. We program the entire system for you.  

$ 9,600.00

 CCTV we can work with

Rack Mount Kit: $ 85.00

Additional Single IP Camera License: $ 200.00

Intevo one year software agreement: $ 450.00
All pricing includes our Engineer setting your entire system up while training you using a remote desktop application.  And, a 1 year unlimited (but scheduled) remote desktop session to train, or reprogram, or trouble-shoot.  All, at no additional cost to you. 
# 12 Additional Controllers
Pricing includes Remote Desktop Initial Setup and 1 year Training and System Support
# 12
Easy to set-up and install. Works with any Pentium grade Computer
2-Reader Controller
2 Lock Outputs / 12vDC
4 Relay Outputs (for Alarms or Device Control)
8 Input Monitoring Points

Installation Manual
Click for Installation Manual
4 Reader Controller
4 Lock Outputs / 12vDC
On-Board Ethernet
4 Relay Outputs / 16 Inputs Points for Monitoring

Installation Manual

KT-1 Ethernet Door Controller
2 Readers / 1 Lock

100,000 Cards & 18,000 Events in Stand Alone Mode

Click for Literature 
Network Communication Controller
Supports any combination of up to
128 controllers
(KT-100, KT-200, KT-300, or KT-400)

Data Sheet

$ 1,777.00
$ 3,000.00
$ 1,275.00
$ 3,700.00
# 13 Additional Supplies
Pricing includes Remote Desktop Initial Setup and 1 year Training and System Support
# 13
American Dynamics CCTV

Click for Documentation
Click for Documentation

Capture Video & Access Events
EntraPASS RS232 to Weigand Interface - Click to Enlarge
EntraPASS Barcode Scanner - Click to EnlargeEntraPASS Barcode Scanner
RS2332 to Weigand Interface

$ 1,689.00

Customized Housings

from $ 292.00


ID Badge Holder & Belt Clip
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Click for Documentation

$ 31.40 (lot of 10)

Iso Prox Photo-ID Badge
Click for Literature

EntraPASS Photo-ID Proximity Badge

This format is the same as HID's Format #H10301.
Choose a facility code between 0 - 255 and a
card range of 1 - 65,535.

The ISO Composite style card is similar in size and
thickness to a credit card and has the ideal surface to
print custom artwork, images and photographs
for identification but with an increased composite
structure allowing this card to be heat laminated.

$ 6.04 each

Embedded Turnstile BarCode Scanner
includes RS232 to Weigand Protocol Converter
Interleaved 2 of 5



Turnstile BarCode Scanner 


$ 1,898.00

Gooseneck Pedestals



from $ 232.00

# 14 Protocol Conversion # 14
USB-485 VC-485 IP Link UDS 1100 RS232 to Weigand
$ 498.00
$ 498.00
$ 629.00
$ 588.00
$ 497.00
# 15 Wired and Wireless Proximity Card Readers, Battery Backup, and High Powered UPS # 15
Panic Bar Push Button with Timer Infra Red Exit Illuminated Keypad Turnstile Relay & Base




$ 522.00
$ 280.00
$ 247.00
$ 491.00
$ 144.00
# 16 Card Readers # 16
IoProx Readers
with Keypad Option
Contactless Readers
Barcode Reader
HID Prox Wireless Reader
Wireless Reader

Magnetic Stripe

POL-2 w/Keypad

MultiCLASS SE Reader


ProxPro Reader




$ 475.00
$ 487.00
$ 427.00
$ 629.00
$ 427.00

$ 500.00
# 17 Power Supplies, Door Strikes, Maglocks, Battery Backup # 17

Electro Magnetic Lock

Stand Alone ISO Prox II
(includes proprietary programming training)

Entry Pass - 5000 User
Stand Alone IO Prox Reader and Keypad

Wireless Access Control

115v/230VAC to (4) 12/24VDC 4amp
Battery Backup
5KVA / 4000 Watt
UPS Battery Backup




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$ 513.00
$ 1,080.00
$ 1,075.00
$ 1,600.00
$ 318.00
$  4,930.00
# 18 Team Viewer EntraPASS Remote Support #18
EntraPASS Website

Call: Patrick McAllister - Tel: 303 569 6776 ext 101

8641 South Warhawk Road * Conifer, CO 80433

Turnstiles USA

Call: Patrick McAllister - Tel: 303 569 6776 ext 101

8641 South Warhawk Road * Conifer, CO 80433


Good Morning Patrick

I want to thank you and your team for the superior support provided to our project for the setup and commissioning of our EntraPass system. 
It is by far the best program I have come across to date. 
Our project management team here at CH2M Hill is very impressed with the capabilities and the ease of use. 
I look forward in continuing a business relationship for future projects and would recommend your company without hesitation.

Photos to follow,

Best regards,

Tyler Hall
Lake Side 2 Power Project
Construction Coordinator

CH2M Hill
130 West 2000 North

Vineyard, UT 84042 

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