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EntraPass is a robust suite of high performance software that allows customers to design and operate any number of doors where card access is required ... The software integrates advanced security features such as EntraPass Go mobile APP and EntraPass Web platform that deliver remote and convenient access to ...

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HS 430 S GV metal Detection System Kit
HI - PE - Plus Metal Detector


Metal Detection System Kit

Back View

Relay and Base

Data Sheet

EntraPASS Global Edition

Data Sheet

Metal Detection System Kit

Front View

Card Reader

Data Sheet


Price:  $ 58,038.00

HS 430 S GV Metal Detection System Kit

(3) HS 430 - S - GV With Electric Control Head and end Caps


(1) ADA Gate HS 336 with Mesh and Panicbar


(3) Metal Detector HI - PE Plus


(3) Pedestal for Card Reader


(4) Glass Aluminum Framed Hallways. 3' length


(1) Cable Package


(3) Card Reader (only entry)


(3) Relay and Base


(1) KT- 400 Kit


(1) EntraPass Global Edition WorkStation












HI - PE - Plus Metal Detector

EntraPass Complete Kits