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Turnstile Security Systems and Controlled Access Systems

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EntraPass Complete Kits

• Perfect turn-key solution for any event or construction site

• Forklift channels for ease of movement

• Suitable for applications high volume access and medium to high levels of


• Compatible with all access control and ticketing systems.

EntraPass Complete Kits


Controlled Access with EntraPASS Kits

From $ 9,339.00

CatRax Waist Hight with EntraPass Access Kits

From $ 6,023.00

Military Prison Turnstiles with Access Control

From $ 14,291.00


Metal Detection System Kit

Price:  $ 58,038.00

Stand-Alone EntraPASS Turnstile System

$ 67,112.00

FastPass Series RFID Kits


FastPass Series RFID Kits

From $ 19,500.00

EntraPASS Door Security Kits


From $ 12,765.00

Global Starter Kits

From $ 4,229.00

Door Security Kits

AutoCAD Installation - Documentation



AutoCad Installation Documentation


AutoCad Installation Documentation


AutoCad Installation Documentation

We have a Team of Engineers that travel to perform installations


If you would like to install the System Yourself


We provide extremely detailed AutoCAD Schematics